Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rosie Chatham

Here Rosie just needs a little separation from her upper and lower body. Her bottom half is technically quite good she just need to move her head more over her downhill ski keeping the weight more down the hill. She has a tendency to lean into the turn which is reducing the efficiency of her good lower leg angulation.

1) Move your weight more over your downhill ski.
2) Stand a little more upright, not bending so much at the waist. Bringing your weight forwards.
3) Bring your hands a little closer to you body.

Rebecca Corbally

Here Rebecca is skiing one of her first red runs and making a nice job of it. She has fundamentally good technique but need to adjust her upper body position. Excessive bending of the knees is forcing her weight backwards and making her ski on her heals. Also she is rushing the beginning of the turn with excessive ankle rotation instead of waiting for the edged ski to make the turn. She has good separation of her upper and lower body with her shoulders facing down the hill during the turn.

1) Bring your hips forward more over your knees.
2) Edge you skis more to initiate the turn instead of using ankle rotation.
3) Try to get you head more over the downhill ski.

Rod Jenkins

Clearly Rod has the grounding of a good technical skier. During this clip you can see a tendency to straighten his out side leg forcing his skis a little too wide apart. Plus a slight excessive bending at the waist force his bum and weight back in the turn. During his last turn you can see good angulation and a better pole position.

1) Don't push so much with the down hill leg, edge the ski more instead.
2) Keep you head over the downhill ski ( as you did in the last turn)