Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Dmitry has some good points and some bad points, firstly his balance is good and not too far back and he is edging his skis to try and cave, also his upper body is very quiet and not moving around too much.

The first thing I would change is his hand position, his hands are too high and too far forward. If you are not careful this will actually push your weight backwards! The correct position is more around your waist and more relaxed, by bringing your hands down and more level with your body this will encourage you to lean a little forward with your whole body and bring your bum in a little, which will help with the initiation of the turn.
Secondly you are rotating and flaring your top ski during the turn, this means that your skis are not parallel and only your downhill ski is on its edge. The effect of this is again to push your weight backwards as you push your uphill ski forward. Also a side effect of this is the change in width between the skis during the turn. The width should remain constant! The easiest was to fix this flair is to keep the tips more level and don't push your uphill ski forward. I usually say about 10cm max between the end of the tips. Also try not to get too wide usually a boot length apart is plenty, your flaring is also taking your weight too much on the inside.

I would focus on starting your turn by edging BOTH skis the same, the more edge the better. Try to keep your ballance 60/40 to the out side ski, and let the ski technology turn you not ankle rotation.

With these few simple adjustments I'm sure Dmitry will become a very good skier!